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Together with this 2012 edition we have several new series which we hope will be some interest for you as well. As you all know, together with many other manufacturers, the basic insulation material used in our furnaces are “fiberboards”. Fiberboards are light and very efficient heat insulators but have a tendency to dust off especially during longish terms of useage. Some end users therefore seems to be concerned since this may lead to contamination for their samples.

Alser HeadquartersTherefore together with this edition we are introducing a version of our standard PLF series which will be called as PLF-FF series. This series will comprise totaly fiber free insulation at hot face and we hope will be a satisfactory solution for some of customers. The second new comer will be the furnace for Asphalt Binder analysis which is introduced together with our very new  "After Burner" furnace. This type of ingnition furnace is required whenever the emmission from burning material is hazardous or irritating for laboratory personelle. In many countries, it is forbidden to outlet the furnace flue gas without further processing. The reduction of this gas can be quite expensive where as we propose an efficient solution to this problem with this "Thermal After Burner" which can be applied to almost all of our box furnaces. Moreover this is a very practical and economical solution.

The third one is the new Fast Firing Dental furnace. Zircon Sintering is an hot topic in Dental industry. We have already introduced our MOS150/1 and MOS160/1 furnaces for this purpose. But these are rather classical box furnaces with relatively long cycle times. Now we are introducing our MOS/ELV160-05 and MOS/ELV160-1 fast firing furnaces with a Touch Botton controller. The cycle time, cold to cold has been reduced to 130 mins with these furnaces and we have had very satisfactory results even with 4 teeth crowns. We hope this furnace with 8 language selection capacity will be a nice surprise for those familiar with classical box furnaces.


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